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Candidate Statement
I believe that we are on the precipice of remarkable change here in Jacksonville. In the coming years, we have the opportunity to set aside small personal agendas to make a large difference in not only the way our city operates, but also the way it is perceived both regionally and nationwide.

We need to continue working to mitigate traffic problems, improve and increase options for public transportation, and better manage and conserve our natural resources. Our downtown needs a focused revitalization, which will not only improve our tax base, but also create a marketable identity for the city. The goal is to help currently struggling businesses by encouraging both locals and tourists to regard downtown Jacksonville as a viable shopping and recreation destination.

My family, friends, and I are committed to this wonderful and dynamic community. We live here, work here, and go to school here. Because of this, we look forward to helping build a stronger, more vibrant city for generations to come.

Navigating the issues facing our city in the coming years will take persistence, determination, teamwork, and leadership. These are all qualities I feel I can bring to the citizens of District 14 as your City Council Representative.

The future of Jacksonville is bright. We need fresh ideas that will carry us through the end of this decade and beyond.

I respectfully ask for your vote.
- Jason Tetlak

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jason Tetlak, Democrat for City Council District 14.